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As the most successful football team, Japan boasts numerous excellent football players, who have made great contributions to the popularity of Japan side. League football in Japan has witnessed meteoric rise in the world in the recent years. More and more customers, being the die-hard football fans, purchase football shirts of Japan side. At the same time, there are some products related to football are popular among keen football fans, such as Japan jacquard scarf with red and white accents. A large Japan logo is printed in the middle of the scarf; two smaller Japanese logo are printed at either end; the other side of the scarf is adorned with words “the State of Japan”, which is an island national in East Asia. The red disk on the jacquard scarf means the sun, and it is also the symbol of Japan.

Japan won the opportunities to play the FIFA World Cup several times. The recent success of the Japan national football counts for the par performances in 2002 and 2010. They have won the honor of champions four times in 1992, 2000, 2004 and 2011. As the only non-Americas football team participating the Copa America tournament, Japan side were knocked out at the group stage of the 1999 Copa America. The team were also invited in 2011, but they withdrew the competition in the end unfortunately.

Adidas became the manufacturer of the Japan national football team from 1986, taking the responsibility in producing various sports equipment. In the recent years, the main color of the Japan side has been alternating among blue, white or red; sometimes home football shirt is teamed with blue shorts or white football shorts. In general, the Japan away football shirts are white, matching with some blue details. However, bold yellow color scheme has been using on some Japan away football kit.

As one of the best online outlet in UK, many other football shirts and products related to football will be found. All products will be sold at a low price for our direct cooperative relationship with manufacturer. The 2014-15 Japan away football shirt is predominately yellow with some black, red and blue details. The emblem of Japan side and blue Adidas logo are printed on left chest and right chest respectively. The symbolic three stripes in black are printed on shoulder panels. Two short sleeves are finished with black piping. The JFA emblem is sandwiched by a small rectangular Japanese national flag and an all capitalized word “JAPAN”.

With the help of some world-class football player like Shinji Kagawa, Keisuke Honda and Shinko Okazaki, the Japan national football team strength has never been stronger; Besides, the Japan national football team is still one of the popular football team for the nest World Cup. Ahead of being eliminated in the second phase of the competition, Japan side was put firmly on the map when they host the 2002 World Cup Finals with South Korea jointly. Different with many other football teams, the blue shirts, shorts and socks are not the symbol of the Japanese national flag.

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